Brace yourself! 5 Indian DAD Bloggers who are bucking the trend.

Gone are the times when ‘MAA’ is the first thing a child cries out in pain, the days when mothers are supposed to bear it all for their children, the expectations from women to be the perfect parents while men can get away with it (or at least are believed to).

Move over mammas, our daddys are here!

How freaking heart-warming is fathers coming out and sharing their experiences of staying with their kids? Isn’t that a whole new level of coolness as they raise the game of #parentblogging. Well, we love it. Here’s presenting to you the gen-next fathers who are breaking the typical ‘MAA KA PYAAR’ norm and giving us major ‘PAPA KA DULAAR’ goals.

Meanwhile, we also came across #indiandadsquad, a group of dads taking parenting to the next level. They feed the kids, the stay awake, they change diapers, they share the load and they make us BE GRATEFUL for their existence !


A novelist himself, Durjoy, has been adored by millions for his books until he started being the quirky dad that he is. His videos and pictures with daughter, Rayna are doing bouts on social media and for all the right reasons. Whether its her first words or fights with cousin or her teething days, Durjoy never fails to impress us with his humorous captions (and his cute face is always a bonus).

While his wife, Avanti, a flight attendent and also a fashion blogger influencing millions is out and about for work, Durjoy surely knows how to handle his daddy duties.Such an inspiration to everyone! If you don’t follow him, please do before you miss another picture of Rayna on tricycle, being called an OLA driver (by her father, ahem!).

Instagram Handle: durjoydutta

2.Dad So Kool – Bhushan

With that name, we already know how cool is this dad. Bhushan, an investment banker by profession is also a part time Dad blogger who knows his heart lies in enjoying his time at home.

He started his journey after his daughter, Tviesha, was born and boyyyy… this man isn’t looking back. He decided to be the best dad, the bestest husband ever (that’s quite a sudden enlightenment in life, Bhushan) and to have fun while he is on his journey. This daddy sacrifices beer time for baby time, stays up at night, cooks for the mother and baby, follows his passion and is extremely committed to his family!

Witness his journey and he might give you a lesson or two on becoming the KOOLEST DADDY EVERRR!

Instagram handle: dadsokool


This yet another super daddy has left us in awe as he goes on to proudly share pictures of his little girl, Niyati who is a fluff ball of love herself. He is definitely obsessed with her and its quite amazing how he shares simplest of moments with her on social media.

Whether it is a casual evening hangout or a beach vacation, this daddy-daughter duo seem to be living each moment together and we can’t help but fall in love with them.

Instagram Handle:daddyandneo


We guess this is how our next daddy likes to be called.

You’re not human if you didn’t die of cuteness looking at little Reyna’s pictures. This dad has decided to share how life changes after becoming a parent, how to keep calm, how to travel with a baby and maintain a balance to ace it all throughout the journey of life. His creativity on his Instagram profile does some justice to his adorable daughter and we are sold, totally!

This daddy is already taking his princess places and we can see the joy on their faces (oh, that rhymed!) In one of his posts, he mentions how the same dinners with wife are now slightly different with a baby tagged along. He believes it is the balance and cooperation that you need to maintain with your partner whilst keeping the spark alive.

More power to you Mr. Reyna’s Dad!

Instagram Handle: daddyandreyna


Sandeep believes spending time with children is extremely important and these moments never come back.

” One of the greatest lessons that adults can learn from children is the enviable ability to find happiness with simplicity.”, he captioned one of his pictures with his little son, Avraj. What a great name for a cutie like him!

This dad is surely a great photographer too with the cutest of pictures shared on his social media. Letting his son live his life to the fullest and learn from his mistakes is what Sandeep swears by. We couldn’t help but notice that this dad can put his baby to sleep, quite a super power to have, huh!

Way to go sir.

Instgram handle: i.m.father



Team PPB.


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